Portal for obtaining information about the user

This simple interface lets sandboxed applications query basic information about the user, like their name and avatar photo.

This documentation describes version 1 of this interface.



version readable u



GetUserInformation (
  IN window s,
  IN options a{sv},
  OUT handle o

Gets information about the user.

Supported keys in the options vardict include:

  • handle_token (s)

    A string that will be used as the last element of the handle. Must be a valid object path element. See the Request documentation for more information about the handle.

  • reason (s)

    A string that can be shown in the dialog to explain why the information is needed. This should be a complete sentence that explains what the application will do with the returned information, for example: “Allows your personal information to be included with recipes you share with your friends”.

The following results get returned via the org.freedesktop.portal.Request::Response signal:

  • id (s)

    The user id.

  • name (s)

    The user’s real name.

  • image (s)

    The URI of an image file for the user’s avatar photo.


Identifier for the window


Vardict with optional further information


Object path for the Request object representing this call