Flatpak.org website

Installation and setup

To set up middleman locally on Fedora:

dnf install ruby rubygems rubygem-bundler rubygem-json

In the git checkout, do a bundle install. This installs all the needed modules in their appropriate versions.

Add the middleman binary location (probably ~/bin) to $PATH.


To run a local web server to test the site:

    bundle exec middleman server

Edit the haml/scss files and commit your changes, pushing to origin/source.


You can also use the devcontainer, for e.g. with VSCode. It should setup automatically and just expects you to run the testing command from above or command you would like to run.


Pushing new commits automatically causes to trigger new build and deployment on OpenShift. It usually takes few minutes for changes to become visible. Files used for build can be found in oscp directory.